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OtoGeniX™, Inc. was formed by Sanovas, Inc. to commercialize core technologies that offer innovations for otorhinolaryngology science for diagnosis and treatment of head and neck diseases.

Otoscantm utilizes Otogenix’s steerable optical guide technology along with its ear canal stabilizing balloons to create a unique otoscope that allows the examiner direct visual observation of the tympanic membrane with steerable guide sheath and video screen.  This solution is a marked improvement over existing scopes that rely on stiff and painful and mobile specula that hurt the external canal and require the examiner to crouch awkwardly over a patient.  Otoscan offers a soft perch in the auditory canal, a steerable tip that fine-tunes directionality toward the target tympanic membrane and a screen placed at the examiners’ eye level to obviate the need for awkward positioning of the examiner. 

The stabilized sheath acts as a working channel to allow tympanostomies and tympanocenteses. Also, the sheath can be a conduit for Otogenix’s local delivery analgesic ‘nested’ balloon for local and topical delivery of pre-procedural pain control. 

This system is intended to provide a high degree of control, optimizing visualization of the tympanic membrane, minimizing procedure times and ensuring accurate surgical placement of PE tubes.  Finally, Otoscan allows the examiner to remain standing to view the tympanum on a handheld screen as he holds the scope to the ear, thereby circumventing awkward mechanics required by the use of traditional otoscopes.